FW 2011/2012

The top 3 for autumn and winter 2011/2012:
Cords, denims and dressy pants

Cotton. Cord trousers and chinos.

Cord trousers and chinos are showing their fashion potential in the winter 2011 season. Above all indigo coloured cords made from Italian corduroy that can be washed just like jeans. This gives the trousers the same look, including washed-out areas and slightly used effects. You've never seen cords this cool, the new image could become a hot topic.

The new PPT cord articles which ALBERTO dyes itself (colour range: stone grey, brass, slate, black and beige) show the possibilities of cord: these slim-fit trousers are worlds apart from conventional cord trousers.

A highlight for connoisseurs of fabrics is the Pima cord. ALBERTO uses 100% Pima hand-picked cotton that is grown without using any pesticides and is then processed in a low-impact way. This not only gives Pima cotton environmental advantages, it also makes it possible to achieve an extraordinarily comfortable fabric. The structure of the fibres results in a fine, soft woven fabric. The clean colours of these dark cords mean that they can look either elegant or casual. Just as exemplary are the classic patterns: the checks, stripes and herringbone patterns of the cotton ranges are taking the fashion world by storm. They can be worn in cool combinations with thick pullovers and simple T-shirts, or with long-sleeved shirts.


The new trend: “dressing up a bit” is back in fashion. Since Mad Men, style has been the number priority and casual trousers are in. This grown-up style is displayed in the slim outlines and wacky check patterns of these ceramica trousers. The look includes elegant designs in cotton or brightly-woven Glencheck, or needlecord ceramica trousers. The yarn dyes never wash out, and the enriching of the cotton with minuscule particles of clay minerals enables the ceramica trousers to compensate changes in temperature of up to 5 degrees. Other desirable features of these trousers are a high resistance to allergenic substances, great ability to retain their shape, and UV protection provided by the mineral particles.

Side pockets on the trouser legs, a really slim fit, and a light, shiny black fabric are the hallmarks of the new techno-ceramics. The non-fade Happy Black trousers that always retain their pitch black colour are one of the fashion highlights of the collection. Wool.

Keep it simple: everyone talks about wool and wool mixtures in winter. Our easy-carefully washable wool trousers are highly traditional, combining elegance of form with impeccable tailoring. The slim-fit outline that makes the wool trousers so elegantly modern is however new. Retro? No way! This is the look of tomorrow.


Denim isn't just denim – the range is greater than ever before, and from a fashion perspective there are various looks that co-exist alongside each other. Stable qualities and robust washes are the catchwords of the new season. The secret lies in the quality: the masculine-looking denims that are superseding the distressed models are real top flight denims. ALBERTO is concentrating above all on ring denim, a higher-quality and more robust product.

Coloured denims have become a must-have accessory. The innovation from ALBERTO: coloured left-hand twill denims in beige, khaki and curry colour. The innovative weaving technique produces a fabric which is noticeably softer to the touch and which hangs better than normal denims.

The T400 perennial denim bestseller is still on the advance. This is because T400 denims have the unmistakable look of jeans, but the admixture of the high-tech T400 fibre makes them totally crease-resistant and means they don't bulge at the knees. The elastic fibre has a molecular structure that always regains its original shape. Another advantage of T400 denim: it dries more quickly than any comparable cotton fabric.

Can things get any better for denim fans? Yes, they can. The ideal example: the small, exclusive selection of Japanese denims (in Kaihara denim) with their captivating clean lines. They just don't look as though they've already had three lives. A real highlight for true connoisseurs of genuine Japanese denim.

Last season there were lots of distressed denims, but coated denims were few and far between. The black, coated denim is of particularly consistent quality and it ranks as one of the fashion statements of ALBERTO's winter collection.

With a soft and pleasant feel, and made from regenerated cotton, hybrid denim is the denim that pampers your skin. The pure indigo dyed trousers with light distressed areas are particularly easy to look after and are comfortable in both hot and cold weather. As is the case for the rest of the collection, the seams on these denim trousers are not a necessary evil – quite the contrary: conspicuous stitching has given way to stitching that is colour-matched to the fabric of the denims. So that everyone can find the trousers that fit them perfectly, ALBERTO is providing the entire collection in two alternative sizes: modern fit and slim fit.

Tops in the middle. Belts.

ALBERTO's jeans belts have attractive open, totally unsealed edges. The highlight of the belt collection are all-leather belts in full-bodied shades of conventional leather, buffalo leather or calves leather that come with large metal buckles. If you value a real vintage look, you can't of course overlook the designs that clearly suit denim best. The colours pull no punches. The nubuk leather belts in grey, mint-green, mauve and royal blue are just the perfect way to set off the restrained colour range of the winter collection. They're also slim enough to be worn with our high-class casual trousers.
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