Collection Report
Spring/Summer 2012

Pants must fit. That is the most important thing. The cut must be right, the pants must fit and form a stylish silhouette. It’s that simple. And that is the challenge that the Mönchengladbach men’s pants smithy has answered for the Spring/Summer season 2012 with light cotton pants, smart formal look, linens and denims. Despite a growing demand for cotton pants, denims do not fall at a disadvantage -- they will always be a favourite among the men. But not the only one.

So smart: ALBERTO has light cotton pants, smart formal look and summery denims for this summer

New Cotton.

Cotton pants have gained their popularity amongst men. In casual desert colours or clear, strong summer colours – the range of cotton clothes in the Spring/Summer collection 2012 is extensive and has been interpreted in a new way. Fine and extremely light cotton fabrics predominate the summer collection. The uni-coloured cotton ALBERTO clothes are lightly washed and get brilliant and wash-resistant colours due to reactive colouring. Pima cotton pants are a highlight for fabric connoisseurs. This fabric caressing the skin gently uses 100% pima cotton from hand-picked cotton grown without pesticides and is processed gently. So, pima cotton is not only good for the environment, but also enables an exceptionally comfortable fabric quality. The yarn’s structure creates a fine, soft fabric. The family business continues to believe that a good pair of pants can only be made by someone, who has selected the fabric with logic and a sense for quality and workmanship.

The T400 cotton clothing with black elasto-multi-ester yarn completes the detailed look. The darker inner side of the pants is visible when the pant legs are folded.

It is summer. The sun is shining. All are in a good mood and spend time outdoors. No wonder cotton-mixes with linen are the favourite summer look for Summer 2012. Casual style is particularly suited with cotton-linen pants, after all. Used effects in clothes like denim and the slightly wrinkled look strengthen the character. And the ecologically genial natural fibre linen is actually the one of the best fabrics for summer: it absorbs up to 35% of ambient humidity and replaces this humidity quickly with the ambient air. This makes linen seem cooling and is still dry and warming. Regarding warmth: desert tones such as ecru, beige, brown and military are the dominating colours.

But cotton and linen mix is not the only top scorer. Linen trousers made of 100% linen in plain fabric or with mini checks, pinstripes or large glen checks are used for a sporty look. Additional pigmentation in plaids created with the linen pants at the hem and the edges lend a typical casual effect and the pants get a jeans-y look.


Bermudas are for the outdoor season, but the look needs to be dressy yet relaxed. How can that be achieved? With the dressy bermuda shorts in natural tones and shades of grey. In particular, the preppy-look bermudas make it even wearable for business dressing. Although this look has become a little casual, it still lends a smart appearance. Similarly, the dressy bermudas with glen checks and thin stripes also look smart if worn with a shirt, fine summer sweaters and good leather shoes. The casual look dominates with short cotton pants in bright colours of aqua and lightweight denim bermudas with various pocket ideas and zips make relaxation look stylish. The length can be determined to an extent in all bermudas because even the shorts are carded.


Lightness is the keyword with the ALBERTO denims offered in slim and modern fit. One can also choose between narrow silhouettes and somewhat casual cuts. The challenge for denims in summer is the wearing comfort, when even the most loyal denim fans resort to linen trousers after 30 degrees. ALBERTO has combined a denim product with linen for the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The result is a light, refreshing linen crinkle denim look with subtle, bright washes. The summer denims are available as bermudas and of course as long pants. This makes denim not only suitable for summer but also business dressing.

The rugged redcast denim is high on the jeans puritan’s list. The typical reddish coloured indigo denim catapulted back in the 50s of the last century and is one of the most original denim looks that there is. Gritty denim also includes the two that are woven as left-hand. Weaving techniques create a discernibly softer feel and gentler fall.

Anyone who buys denim in rich colours, likes to retain this style. However, most denims fade. ALBERTO has developed colour-stable colour-fast denim for this reason. By reactive pre-colouring of the yarns, the denim no longer bleeds, is very rugged and remains blue.

With the T400 denims, ALBERTO is expanding its supremacy and takes care of the quality and remembers the smallest detail in its vintage style and coloured denims. The T400 yarn has a cotton cover and is not sun shy: while non-coated T400 fibres shine in the light, the ALBERTO T400 denims with coryan retain their typical rich, non-shiny denim look.

The highlight of the denim collection is a Red Selvedge product in two washes. One has a raw look and the other is in vintage style with used effects and very discreet destroys. The best Red Selvedge product must always have a specific fabric; in this case, 13 oz. cotton.

Smart formal look.

A new generation of men discovered the classical style for themselves and has revived its new interpretation in the current fashion. Cotton pants are usually sportier. The new smart formal look changes all of that. Narrow, decidedly lean silhouettes with mini checks and new washes are available for the new cotton trousers. Not only can the narrow Italian cotton version in smoky desert tones be worn carded, but the sleek, black Havana-style smart formal look can also be recommended with coloured shirts. Ankle-length pants then leave room for coloured stockings, skin and shoes. Pure waistband lining with hand-stitched edging and materials of mostly Italian weavers showcase the new generation of cotton pants: modern, dressy and absolutely chic. In short: a smart, dressy look. Ceramica has a lot to contribute here -- narrow and body-defining in silhouette, the latest Ceramica is modern like never before. New glen checks in elegant dark colours or a demanding mohair look with fine gloss prepare for the new direction.


The ALBERTO belt range is dominated by rugged, heavy leather belts with jeans-y buckles. Sometimes the leather gets the same treatment as the denim and is washed before the treatment. Or a wax finish creates a patina, so that the leather is soft to touch. The sometimes irregular and cut edges create an undone-look; an effect you would get only after years of wearing.
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