Collection Report
FW 13/14

A 90-year old family business of trouser manufacturing inspired the founding of Alberto in 1922. A traditional business, it gathered considerable know-how about trousers and their manufacturing in the course of its long history. With the Fall/Winter collection 2013/2014, the label exhibits its accomplished handling and processing of fabrics. Tweed, flannel, cotton and denim trousers and removal of gaudy embellishments are characteristic of this trouser manufacturer, where the quality of the material speaks for itself. The Fall/Winter collection has been divided into three sections: Smart Dressy, Chinos Style and Jeans. The collection's progressive sensibility is quite evident: the creations are masculine and pure and win over with their well-cut dressy pants, puristic, lightly processed jeans and narrow-cut chinos.

Alberto showcases a progressive collection

Style factor: Smart Dressy

Alberto leans on understatement and presents classic fabrics with a modern look in the Fall/Winter collection 2013/2014. The heart of the Smart Dressy collection lies in the impressively designed wool trousers and cotton designs with a woollen look. Designs, which look elegant, and show their finesse only in the second, more careful look. The label from Mönchengladbach places special emphasis on old classics. Woollen trousers with high-quality fabrics have been given a new look with a modern touch – jeans details such as eyelets on woollen garments. Carefully made items, some handmade buttons, coloured inner lining or a collar with hand stitching are the small details that make the Alberto Dressy Pants stand out. Washed wool, cotton items in a woollen look and ceramica-cashmere touch with minimals dominate this line. Typical for the Fall/Winter line is the loden look, the accentuated narrow cut with a small pocket. In this look, the finer details are what count as well. Handmade and painted horn buttons show a love for detail. They also have half-rounded pockets with less than a millimetre of black piping or a finely stitched third welt pocket. Amidst all this finery, the fabric continues to stay in focus, its effect of which is underlined with clear silhouettes -- especially flat-front -- and the reduced finishes. The use of neutral colour nuances further elevates the material to an absolute show-stopper. The colour focus of the awaited collection is on grey tones accentuated with blue gradations and green nuances.

Style factor: Chinos Style

Besides the tried and tested, Alberto also presents the new and the astonishing every season. This time, it is a fine range of corded pants in chinos style. It is for the first time that pants have been made with T400 in the corded line. The model is in an eye-catching colour and has been prepared as slacks. It intends to remove the age-old problem with corded trousers of losing the shape after a few wears. After sitting for long, the pant's knees become misshapen or the seat area becomes baggy. While this is what makes corded trousers different, there are others who want the trousers to fit exactly how they did with the first wear. The corded model T400 by Alberto puts an end to bagging by mixing T400 threads. This way, the pants retain their shape in the important areas and fit perfectly. Besides the T400, Alberto has launched a washed vintage cord, which appears casual and jeansy. Alberto uses pure pima cord from hand-picked cotton, which is grown without pesticides and is then processed to perfection. So, the pima yarn is not just good for the environment, but also provides excellent fabric quality. Chinos are an integral part of the Alberto collection, and indeed of the fashion world. The chinos look is clean and stylishly casual at the same time. Australian cotton is coloured by Alberto and then further accentuated with hand stitches or elaborately designed buttons. The colour palette ranges from hearty mustard, burgundy, green and blue in chinos to earth colours in cords. The highlight of this season is layered cotton pants in dark black. The over-coloured pants with PU coating have an urban look in their narrow silhouette.

Style factor: Denims

With the Fall/Winter collection 2013/2014, the jeans line has been lent a new meaning with coloured and puristic denims. A deliberate concentration on low-key fabric treatments and washes puts the cut back in focus. Striking stitches are also as rare in the collection as overdone labelling. Instead, all accessories are handmade and the colour matches impressively perfect. It isn't a surprise then, that the colour of the label matches the yarn of the inner lining and stitching. Some denims surprise with colourful inner parts evident once the jeans are turned inside out. Alberto acquires most of its denim from Italy, of which most are without stretch, but some items in the collection have T400. The coloured denims come in shades like burgundy, green, grey, beige, curry and army, whereas in the blue denims, clean, cool dark blues dominate the range. The manufacturer has created a memorably comfortable piece with flocked pants in lilac and black with elaborately treated surface and a completely new look.

The label ALBERTO is backed by a long tradition. The brand specialises in men's trousers since 1922. Since then, the company has exhibited what is needed to make premium, conventional fashion: the experience of several generations of perfection of handwork combined with technological innovation and a marked taste for trends. Researched fabrics and special care for detail. In short, a process of creating, which reflects the independent character of the trousers right from the beginning. Not more, but definitely not less.
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