Collection Report
SS 2014

Mood boards cover the walls, meticulously detailed product drawings lie on the tables. There is also no shortage of yarns, labels, buttons and fabrics when you walk into Wolke 7 – Alberto’s creativity center looking out on the roofs of Mönchengladbach. Everything here revolves around one thing: pants. Of all kinds. Bleached denim figures largely; brushed satin, striking vintage twill and unmistakable attention to detail give Alberto’s Spring/Summer collection a markedly progressive note. Cotton pants made of Italian yarn in exclusive tailored style or hand-dyed Compact Cotton models brushed on the right side testify to its quality. The denims are somewhat rougher: in the coming season, Alberto’s jeans range is dominated by bleached looks and light blue.

Alberto shows off its expertise with gentlemanly looks and a sophisticated denim range

Smart Dressy style world

The extensive fabric expertise of the makers of Alberto is central to the essence of the brand as well as being the perfect breeding ground for new fabrics, treatments and finishes. This is where our visionaries come into their own. 1509, the new slim-fit model with an ankle width of 37 cm, clearly demonstrates this prowess. The selvedges are lined with waistband lining; ironed side darts and inseams in neon colors testify to particularly elaborate inside finishing. This model is also available in Bermuda style. Hand-dyed broken twill with a stretch component and Italian fabric with a white warp and colored weft create an elegant look. This preppy style is rounded off by a striking vintage twill, either in bold steel blue or so washed out that it appears white; it also features modern, narrow salt-and-pepper slacks in gray and beige. The summer’s mohair look also scores points with its casual gentlemanly style: this superlight fabric revives the style of the Roaring Twenties, as does a reactive-dyed model in summery beige and gray shades with small, fine patterns or a tiny herringbone print with stripes in aqueous blue and green or light red. One special highlight of the collection is a Ceramica model in royal blue. Made of lightly brushed satin, these pants make a very modern statement with sophisticated appeal, emphasized not least by the paisley lining. As with the complete Ceramica range, the pants specialists have proven their unerring instinct for finishes: the pants in vivid pink, royal blue or orange have a surprise waiting when you turn them up. The washed-out color on the outside is slightly bolder on the inside, which means that you can set a summery accent by turning up the bottoms. This collection sets great store by everything which you only notice when you take a second look: the finishes on the inside, rich and opulent, are pleasantly soft to the touch and underline the contrast with the reduced look of the pants. The inside of a cottelé model in washed-out colors, for example, draws the eye with neon accents in yellow, green, orange and grey.

Chino style world.

Feeling comfortable in your clothes during the summer season has a lot to do with the choice of fabric. One tried-and-tested classic is linen, presented by Alberto in the coming year in the typically marine colors beige, red, camel, black and marine. However, the pants tailors also offer another very attractive and innovative alternative: Cold Pants. The special coating on these pants minimizes the amount of heat absorbed by the fabric and also provides effective protection from harmful UV radiation. Available in black, marine, camel and white, these pants give a real feeling of well-being in the summer. The functional coating is not visible or tangible in any other way – however, the pleasant cooling effect is quickly noticed. Bermudas are essential as temperatures rise. One special highlight is a paisley Bermuda model with a turquoise background. More sporty variations include cargo Bermudas and a 5-pocket version in contrast yarn. This section is rounded off by hand-dyed Compact Cotton brushed on the right side. This makes the light, summery pants particularly soft. The color palette is dominated by smoky colors ranging from smoky blue to beige.

Denim style world.

Few things are constant in the capricious world of trends – however, there is one thing in the fashion world you can always rely on: denims. Without a doubt, there is no textile with such a rich history as this indigo-colored cotton. In the coming season, nothing is possible without denim. In the Spring/Summer 2014 collection, the key pieces in Alberto’s denim range include light denims in washed, matt shades of light blue or heavily bleached models in slim shapes. Denims like Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder wore in the early 1990s. The masculine statement is underlined by the slim fit and purist look of the denims. These denims have hardly any decoration. Rivets, labels, yarns and stitching are subdued, even though the makers of Alberto frequently incorporate neon elements, for example with white labels featuring a neon yellow Alberto “A” or buttonholes edged in neon colors. The white & black looks also offer vivid contrasts: pure white and matt black meet in some of this season’s denims. White jeans sewn with deep black yarn, black rivets and black labels. These make up sophisticated, bold-looking denims with a cool attitude. Last but not least, flaws add a note of excitement: the signature piece in Alberto’s Spring/Summer collection is a denim in batik look. For this, the Mönchengladbach pants makers really let themselves loose with color.

The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. The brand has been specializing in pants production since 1922. Pants for men. Ever since its beginnings, the company has been showing what it takes to design high-quality, contemporary fashion. The experience of several generations of professional workmanship united with technological innovation and a sure instinct for trends. Carefully selected materials and close attention paid to every detail. In brief: a creative process which reflects the superior nature of these pants right from the start. No more – and certainly no less.
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