Alberto’s new creative center in Mönchengladbach

Flights of fancy guaranteed: the sky’s the limit in Wolke 7

Wolke 7, ALBERTO’s new creative center, is a visual highlight and the heart of the company. Imposing architecture meets timeless design. And the creative team meets inspiring working conditions which spur them on to flights of fancy. The unit’s delightful name (Cloud 9) is no coincidence, but indicates what it is important to the makers of fashion when developing their collections: space for development and creativity. Wolke 7 is a platform for having dreams and visions and making them come true. In short: an atmosphere made for innovative ideas and perfect pants.

The extensive mirrored walls have a welcoming air. Immediately opposite, there is a life-size monochrome photograph of optical accents. A wide window front reveals the panoramic skyline of Mönchengladbach, as does the terrace, which is an integral part of the creative center, views of the countryside included. The pattern tables are littered with drafts, yarns, labels, buttons and fabrics in all colors and designs. Drafts and concepts are all defined and realized in Wolke 7. It is the heart of the company headquarters and the hub for the creative team. This is where Distribution, Marketing, Sales, CAD and Product Management come together to develop the successful collections.

Imposing architecture, exclusive buildings materials made of wood, glass and stone, timeless, elaborate interior design – the search for the best collection results is reflected in the new building unit. The unambiguous signal: there’s no place here for off-the-peg materials and ideas. These are the building blocks for a pleasant, exclusive and stimulating atmosphere. And even more: Wolke 7 is a setting for innovative ideas for perfect pants and unusual fashion. An environment in which the staff’s needs are also taken into consideration: for example with short path-ways, high-quality working materials and communication areas. The inspiring conditions also include fresh fruit and flowers provided every day. And last but not least, rooms to rest and relax. Consideration was also given to the lighting. For fashion makers, there is hardly anything better and more valuable than good lighting from the north. This light was the focal point when planning Wolke 7, it was practically brought into the room.

A workplace which staff like to go to and which caters for their varying needs promotes creativity and productivity. This insight is not completely new. But knowledge alone is not enough. This is why ALBERTO took action and focused clearly on “soft” factors when planning and realizing Wolke 7. Once the fashion makers reach an agreement about the collections, the environment should offer everything imaginable to obtain the best results. In short: limitless flights of fancy in Wolke 7.

The pattern tables are the central elements. The staff gather in the spacious presentation areas. This is where ideas and proposals are collected. And occasionally clash. Purposeful discussions and positive striving for the best ideas and results are part of ALBERTO’s corporate culture. All the better when these processes take place in pleasant surroundings.

Wolke 7 (Cloud 9) – the unit’s delightful name is naturally no coincidence. Instead, it shows what is important to the fashion makers when developing a collection: space for development and creativity. Wolke 7 is a platform for having dreams and visions and making them come true. Wolke 7 has nothing to do with cloud cuckoo land. This is where successful fashion is created in concrete processes. In short: an atmosphere made for innovative ideas and perfect pants.

ALBERTO’s headquarters in Mönchengladbach now have an area of 9,778 square meters. The creative team now has its own central location for the first time in the history of the men’s pants tailors. The premises are located on the third floor. The development and design of Wolke 7 was entrusted to hillekamp & weber architekturstudio. Utility and presentation furniture specialists Reichenberg & Weiss were responsible for the implementation. ALBERTO has already enjoyed a dependable partnership with both of these companies for many years.

The ALBERTO label has a long tradition. The brand has been specializing in pants production since 1922. Ever since its beginnings, the company has been showing what it takes to design high-quality, contemporary fashion. The experience of several generations of profes-sional workmanship united with technological innovation and a sure instinct for trends. Carefully selected materials and close attention paid to every detail. In brief: a creative process which reflects the superior nature of these pants right from the start. No more – and certainly no less.