All-rounder meets all-rounders

#creative jeans #redesign: ALBERTO meets street artist

As all-rounders, the ALBERTO collections have long caused a sensation. Innovative skills and features, colors, fabrics and fits make them true all-rounders. With Can Demirezen ALBERTO has now met another multi-talent. The artist has designed three vintage denims by ALBERTO. A collaboration that fits. Because Can Demirezen is no less imaginative and experimental. And on top of that just as firmly rooted in Mönchengladbach. So, there’s no better space to present the unique items than the Concept Store by ALBERTO.

"OPEN - CLOSE". Since when do ALBERTO jeans give instructions on how to operate the zipper? And in unmistakable, hand-embroidered letters to boot? The answer: Since Can Demirezen laid hands on three models. The artist reworked the vintage denims into canvasses. Given a completely free hand during the redesign, he was allowed to design according to his own taste.
"I really let off steam," says Can Demirezen. The right thighs are adorned with oversized information such as article number, size and style. The back pockets were removed and reassembled slightly offset. Some of the statements that were applied to the trousers with high-quality, durable textile dye and screen printing were covered.
Impulsive ideas and radical approaches, inspired by hip hop designs and street art. At the same time, Can Demirezen follows his own beat. "My art is personal and impulsive," explains Demirezen, who is a real all-rounder. He is pursuing his bourgeois career as a student of business informatics, working by day in the office of an accountant. At night he worked as a disc jockey and produced techno tracks. He is currently giving this hobby a rest in favor of his true passion: art. Especially hand-painted designs have drawn him.
It's a passion that regularly awakens after midnight. At night, people change, says Can Demirezen, they're more creative. As a reference to his nightly urge to create, he christened his independent fashion label "Midnight". With much creativity, he first designed his own shirts, jackets and pants. This drew the attention of the University of Niederrhein. It also piqued the interest of Patrick Lanowy, Store Manager at ALBERTO. Impressed by Demirezen's individual and creative look, Patrick Lanowy suggested a cooperation with the 31-year-old. It's logical that the Midnight logo also adorns the redesigned ALBERTO jeans. In different variations and of course in street art style.
Demirezen doesn't need to artificially build up the necessary credibility to make his name as an authentic street artist and designer. He already has it. He's a real child of the city. Growing up in Mönchengladbach South, he is firmly rooted in Mönchengladbach, the birthplace and headquarters of ALBERTO. A city that's home to successful, tradition-based companies as well as people from humble backgrounds and interrupted biographies. An exciting breeding ground for new and creative endeavors.
Can Demirezen makes no secret of his tough past. And, that his art reflects his inner life. His expressions offered him new possibilities: "Something beautiful can come from anger," says Can Demirezen, "as you can see with these jeans." During the semester break he was taught how to make textiles by screen printing. "I'm a doer," says Can Demirezen, "I don't want to surrender to fate, I want to make a difference."
The result can be viewed in ALBERTO's concept store in Mönchengladbach. The perfect place for surprising stagings and innovative ideas. Last but not least, the exciting experimentation space doesn't just bring important insights into the collections, features and styles that will benefit POS retail partners. A win-win situation for everyone - not least for creative minds like Can Demirezen. Because he plans to continue his cooperation with ALBERTO.

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