Alexa and ALBERTO embark on a journey as travel companions

Digital Store Assistant Assumes the Role of “School” Mate

Now that Alexa has already established herself as an intelligent store technology at the ALBERTO Concept Store, she’s been invited to accompany ALBERTO on field trips. The voice-controlled interaction system has begun to assist custom managers when the facilitate onsite training on store sales floors. Alexa’s presence makes the POS training programs more fun and does not only introduce a charming side to the events, but also expedites the learning process. After all, nobody can ignore this smart assistant.

Alexa has been a member of the ALBERTO team for a little over a year. She communicates with shoppers as the digital assistance at the Concept Store in Mönchengladbach, Germany. She answers questions and provides information. For instance, on collections, styles and fits. The partnership has proven to be more than successful. It is turning the shopping experience into an interactive and emotional adventure.
Thanks to Alexa, POS training successions have evolved into quite an experience as well. The voice-controlled software concealed in cylinder-shaped loudspeakers called Amazon Echo, hosts part of the course and adds an enthralling mode: Alexa poses questions and the training participants – in-store ALBERTO specialists – answer. To interact with the tool, the participants receive so-called buzzers (Amazon Echo Buttons). Anyone who believes to be the first to have the correct answer, presses the button. Alexa promptly responds – “correct” or “wrong.” Moreover, she presents some related background information right away. Hence, the digital assistance literally assumes the role of an ALBERTO “school” mate.
Initial tests of this teaching method revealed very promising results. Interactive learning teaches participants in a playful manner. This is very effective, since working and communicating with the groundbreaking technology boosts the participants’ level of interest and attention.

ALBERTO facilitates training programs regularly to turn retailers and sales associates into true ALBERTO specialists. As a result, they always have complete insights into the new collections, products and the brand as such. And, last but not least, thanks to Alexa, they are also perfectly entertained.

In early 2017, the ALBERTO Concept Store was the first retail store in Germany that used this voice-controlled technology. Since then, smart pants know-how and smart voice-to-voice technology have been working hand-in-hand. Effective immediately, they’ll also be teaching as partners. The concept and realization of the Alexa Skills were implemented by the three-2-one agency in Krefeld, Germany.
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