Live Painting in Concept Store

It's a celebration: ALBERTO x Midnight

Unique style is in the details of any streetwear! Nobody knows this better than ALBERTO and Midnight. The Mönchengladbach pants label’s creative studios regularly produce sensational pants that truly have no equal. This is proven once again by the new denims made in cooperation with independent artist Can Demirezen, aka Midnight. We will soon be celebrating the launch day for the latest streetwear line.

Get the party started:
ALBERTO will be unveiling the pants resulting from its cooperation with Can Demirezen at an event to be held in its concept store from 5 pm to 8 pm on 1 December. Information will also be provided on how they were created. Visitors to the launch party will not only have the chance to watch the printing process live, but can also seize the opportunity to have Can Demirezen create a unique pair of ALBERTO pants just for them and round off their new outfit with T-shirts, hoodies or a beanie from the Midnight collection – all against a background of cool sounds and good drinks. A warm welcome is issued to everyone who loves the unexpected and would like to get together under ALBERTO’s roof.

ALBERTO Concept Store, Hindenburgstr. 6, 41061 Mönchengladbach

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