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@rollbrettunion: ALBERTO meets Skater

Honest features are the strengths of the ALBERTO collections. This is why the experienced pantsmiths always cooperate with real grassroots protagonists. We talk to key figures from sports, fashion and (sub)culture. Because they know best what pants are all about. Like the skateboarders from the well-known Rollbrett Union. This association, which practically lives and breathes lifestyle on four wheels in the ALBERTO's neighbourhood, is now the official product tester of the innovative label from Mönchengladbach. Their honest feedback promises an exciting win-win situation. Both for the passionate pants label and for the fashion-conscious end customer with a sense for forward-thinking pants fashion.

Skateboarding is the epitome of an individual lifestyle. It’s a scene like no other and it has resisted appropriation since its emergence in the seventies. It shrugs off society and mass trends. Skateboarding isn't just sport, it's artistry, expression, art - but above all an unadulterated attitude to life that's lived out on the street. And it's a commitment to diversity. Halfpipe activists don't do things by halves. Like the boarders of the Rollbrett Union from Mönchengladbach & Rheydt. In any case, it’s Germany largest skater community with a high level of street credibility. No matter what, who, how, they're committed to their lifestyle with passion and openness and do their thing together. And this is exactly what they share with ALBERTO and its collections - lifestyle, diversity and passion. That's why the cooperation between the fashion label and the skateboard activists started. The Rollbrett Union and its members are now official product testers of the pants label. They put the pants to the test on their boards, testing the functionality of the innovative fabrics, above all features such as wearing comfort, freedom of movement and fit. Designs and colours are also important criteria for the fashion-savvy scene. The skaters publish their open and honest judgement on their Instagram account (@rollbrettunion). "We appreciate the honest feedback from our product testers and take it seriously," says Marco Lanowy, Managing Director of ALBERTO, "even if it means that we sometimes have to make improvements and look at certain things differently. This approach from the point of view of the end consumer has already proved very successful in the collections. The testers' suggestions, wishes and needs flowed into ALBERTO's golf collection and bike collection, among others. According to Marco Lanowy, the cooperation with the Rollbrett Union isn't one of those random influencer stories presented to consumers via the Internet, where brands are presented without soundly challenging their benefit or quality. "This cooperation serves to make us and our collections even better. We're especially delighted about it because it also demonstrates our company's ties to Mönchengladbach," explains Marco Lanowy. Both cooperation partners belong inseparably to the city. The skateboarders of the Rollbrett Union are an integral part of the street scene. All the better that they're now "playing" in the public space wearing ALBERTO's stylish and functional pants.

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Photocredits: Patrick Lanowy
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