New exclusive premium space for ALBERTO in Oberpollinger

The upgrade after the lockdown

True creativity and passion shine through in difficult situations. The recent coronavirus-related shop closures have spurred ALBERTO to take action and join with its partners in enhancing its retail operations still further. Motto: now more than ever. The result is impressive, and can be seen in Oberpollinger in Munich. The newly designed ALBERTO space in this exclusive department store presents the new premium concept for the first time. This upgrade clearly testifies to the fashion label’s successful performance and positioning. Other premi-um locations are to follow.

What catches the eye right away: a sophisticated wall made entirely of printed zinc, intricate galvanized steel frames suspended from the ceiling that show the pants off at their best – all illuminated in gold LED light for a special long-range effect. In front of them, you see pants cubes made of grey fibreboard with frames attached for displaying key pants designs. The whole scene is reflected in Mira glass mirrors to give an interesting impression of depth. The design which ALBERTO came up with for its new concept and is now presenting for the first time In the ALBERTO sales area in Oberpollinger is remarkably effective. The company has been able to use the coronavirus crisis to position itself even more strongly, for example with forward-looking delivery and order concepts and its new shop concept for the premium segment. A win-win situation – not only for ALBERTO's business partners, but also for its customers, as can be seen from features in the new premium space such as the spacious changing rooms with large mirrors.

The area was designed and realized by Jochem Reichenberg. Location master Reichenberg was also behind the design of the striking concept store in Mönchengladbach. This store, which guarantees a particularly emotional shopping experience, serves as a blueprint for the premium concept and is an adaptable model for the other high-end areas which are to be created in reputable locations. This concept is not only the beginning of a whole new chapter for shop presences but also a clear indicator of successful brand performance, which along with intelligent skills and smart fashion features also focuses continually on consistent value in all areas. “Over the last few weeks, we have become aware that the expression ‘quality of life’ also means actively upholding special life values and optimizing them without compromise,” explains Marco Lanowy, Managing Director of ALBERTO. Examples of these include not only the quality of the brand but also the many valuable business relationships which enable ALBERTO and its retail partners to pull together and build on a strong foundation to achieve the best for everyone, both in the short term and for a long time to come. As the new premium space in Oberpollinger now impressively demonstrates.

Photos: Jochem Reichenberg, Reichenberg-Weiss oHG.

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ALBERTO regards itself as a culturally influenced pants label in motion, developed for people on the move. People for whom quality, comfort and freedom play an important role, people who seek relevance and find style. Founded some 100 years ago with the goal of becoming a dynamic, innovative presence in the international fashion world and constantly setting new standards, the brand has remained true to its founding ethos to this day. Contemporary craftsmanship and design testify to this as well as the company's own concept store or the use of intelligent, voice-controlled interaction systems. So, what began as a small pants manufacturer, has long since established itself with numerous collections - for urban cyclists, for example: A brand that aspires to anticipate the needs of its customers and unite them into an inspiring lifestyle concept that goes beyond all trends.
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