ALBERTO x Van Volxem


With the slogan #coolgermany, the Mönchengladbach-based family business ALBERTO, which has been in business for 101 years and is now in its third generation, is clearly committed to Germany as a business location. Since 2011, the company's internal commitment has also been reflected in the photo shoots for the collection. Their changing backdrops and the resulting radically diverse and unique effects make the shoots truly compelling. For the 2023 summer season, the Mönchengladbach-based pants label staged a shoot at Van Volxem, a top winery on the Saar River.

Saar wine is a bit like ALBERTO pants. For over 100 years, they've both stood for outstanding quality on a global scale. The Van Volxem winery, located in the midst of the 90-hectare estate vineyards on the Wiltinger Schlossberg, has singularly embraced this commitment. "We find this combination of tradition and aspiration, precision and perfection, actively pursued sustainability, and the absolute will to innovate and modernize fascinating. Because we see our own values reflected in it," says Marco Lanowy, Managing Director of ALBERTO, explaining what connects the two companies.

Of course, the Mönchengladbach pants manufacturer was also deeply impressed by the moderate, clever and above all enduring architecture of the winery. A particularly striking feature is the monolithic tower made of the natural stone travertine, which rises from a picturesque landscape on the southern edge of the Schlossberg hillside and alludes to the historic Bismarck Tower on the other side of the river. What was certainly also key, though, was Van Volxem's emphasis on sustainability. For example, an existing cellar on the site was incorporated into the new building, heat is supplied by a wood chip plant, and the e-tap for visitors is powered by the estate's own photovoltaics. "Ultimately, for us at ALBERTO, our slogan #coolgermany isn't just a salute to our home market, but also, and above all, to our environment. Sustainable materials like Tencel, organic cotton, bamboo denim, linen or recycled spandex fibres, which we used in the 2023 summer collection, testify to this. Another sign is that we don't fly halfway around the world for shoots, but rather that we've deliberately chosen German locations for years," explains Marco Lanowy. So there are numerous values, but always the same ones, that go into the choice of a location and that the company tries to subtly re-visualize every season - as a teaser for an anecdote, so to speak. With the current shoot, they've gotten it right once again. The hospitable reception from winery owner Roman Niewodniczanski and his entire Van Volxem team played no small part in ensuring this. This is another reason why people at ALBERTO will certainly be talking about it for a long time.

Photos: Thomas Hoeffgen and Van Volxem

ALBERTO regards itself as a culturally influenced pants label on the move, developed for people on the move. People who value quality, comfort and freedom, people who seek relevance while finding style. Founded around 100 years ago with the goal of becoming a dynamic, innovative presence in the international fashion world while constantly setting new standards, the brand has remained true to its founding ethos to this day. Contemporary craftsmanship values and design bear witness to this, as does the company's own concept store or the use of intelligent, voice-controlled interaction systems. What began as a small pants manufacturer has long since been incorporated into collections – for urban cyclists, for example: A brand that's set itself the goal of anticipating the needs of its customers and combining them into an inspiring lifestyle concept that's also relevant beyond all trends.
Van Volxem
Photo: Van Volxem
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