ALBERTO BIKE Collection Summer 2024


When it comes to the efficient design of the perfect pants for cyclists, challenges lurk in almost every detail. They must not be too tight, too wide and the fit has to be perfect. Coming up with the best style and unlimited functionality are other hurdles. ALBERTO Bike is the answer to all of these questions. With our exclusive cycling pants collection for the 2024 summer season, we will once again present styles from bicyclists for bicyclists, which address all of technical issues, while they are also compelling in design and style.


ALBERTO Bike Summer 2023

Jeans & pants – the original

Smart, stylish and just reliable - with its innovative bike pants ALBERTO has set new standards in cycling clothing in recent years. Now, with the styles for the 2023 summer season, they're stepping it up a notch.


ALBERTO Bike: Winter Collection 2023

Pants for up-and-comers

It's easy on your nerves, your wallet and the environment, strengthens your body and mind and it's also loads of fun. No question: cycling in the city rocks! Especially when there's nothing to restrict your pedalling. For example, thanks to pants that function like sportswear but look like streetwear. Pants from ALBERTO Bike. They're high-tech in its purest form, but also deliver the ultimate in style. It goes without saying that the original bike pants from the Mönchengladbach label are perfectly adapted to the movements of cyclists thanks to their high cut and stretchy waistband.


Celebrating 100 years

ALBERTO – and the 3D-Bike

Alberto is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary. In the fashion industry, and in particular for an enterprise specializing in certain products, this is considered a virtual eternity. Hence, it is an occasion to celebrate. So, ALBERTO is doing just that. However, the company isn’t just launching an anniversary collection. It is also rolling out many exciting collaborations and an extraordinary anniversary program. Among them is a feature you can actually take literally in conjunction with the current buzz word “team play.” In partnership with Magdeburg-based bicycle manufacturer URWAHN, the label known for its pants is presenting an anniversary bike that offers distinctive departures from the familiar in terms of make, technology and design. It is also uncompromising – in other words – typically ALBERTO and typically URWAHN.


ALBERTO feat. 140Fahrenheit

Born & Finished in Mönchengladbach

A family-run specialist that's been thriving on the market for 100 years can justifiably say that they've got things rolling in the long term. This is true once again for Born & Finished, the brand-new bike pants that were created in collaboration with 140Fahrenheit, that the Mönchengladbach-based pants label is launching as a gift for itself and others on the occasion of the company's anniversary. In more than one way, in fact.


ALBERTO Bike: Winter Collection 2022

Pedal Power Pants!

Whether you are headed out to cover a long distance trail or take a quick loop through the streets of downtown – the bicycle is becoming an ever more important and smart alternative to driving a car or taking a ride on means of public transportation. It boasts a small environmental footprint and riding eases tensions, given that mounting your bike means you won’t have to trouble yourself with looking for a parking spot. With its exclusive Bike Pants, ALBERTO once again supports this development in the 2022 winter season and delivers styles that combine exacting functional demands with exceptional fashionable looks.