ALBERTO Golf Winter 2024

Green Ready!

Sessions on the green in the cold season? No problem thanks to the pants in the ALBERTO golf collection. The styles for the 2024 winter season feature a sophisticated fusion of high-quality technical fabrics, modern cuts and subtle detailing, as well as great colour and pattern combinations. For travelling golfers, ALBERTO Golf has also added a series of lightweight pants and shorts to its winter range for the first time. Curious? Here's an overview of the highlights.


ALBERTO Golf Summer 2024


Smart tech fabrics, intricate details and subtle plays on colours and patterns – ALBERTO Golf offers yet another perfect blend of style, function and fashionable sophistication for next summer on the green. We reveal what golf enthusiasts can look forward to here.


ALBERTO Golf Winter 2023

Orange Blossom

There's no such thing as wrong weather, only wrong clothing' is the mantra that ALBERTO Golf is consistently committed to in the 2023 winter season. The result: a pants collection characterised by progressive tech fabrics, perfect tailoring and stylish prints and colourways that make golf rounds a real pleasure even in the cold season. Which trends and essentials are waiting for you and why does orange play a special role in the colour range? Here's a look at the highlights.


ALBERTO Golf inspired by Sandra Gal

Top-level Teamwork

For almost 20 years, ALBERTO Golf has been synonymous with one thing – creative golf wear that pairs the latest high-tech materials and innovative functions with perfect tailoring and top-level of fashion expertise. It started out as a niche label and an insider secret. Now it's ambitious golfers' absolute favourite brand. It even sets the professional scene abuzz on a regular basis. So, it's not surprising that collaborations have even sprung up. The most recent example: ALBERTO Golf inspired by Sandra Gal, a capsule collection consisting of three models. The label incorporated the German-American proette's ideas and specifications into this collection.


ALBERTO Golf Summer 2023

Through the Green

Once again, ALBERTO Golf is hitting the green. This time, it's for the 2023 summer season and it's bringing along a subtle fusion of functional high-tech materials, perfect cuts, smart details and stylish colour and pattern play. So, what styles can fashion-savvy golf enthusiasts expect to see? Here's our overview of the collection highlights.


ALBERTO Golf Winter 2022

Winter Fun on the Fairway

The enjoyment of pleasant rounds on the green without shivering in the cold winter months has been possible for quite some time – thanks to revolutionary developments in Tech Golf Wear. As one of the pioneers, ALBERTO Golf has made extraordinary contributions to this evolution. For the next winter season, the company is launching new styles, innovative functions and novel colors as well as patterns to make an even bigger splash. Find out what golf enthusiasts can look forward to now!


ALBERTO Golf Summer 2022

Perfect choice

It’s the consistent fusion of the right cut, the right colour, the right material and the right features that makes up the perfect golf pants. We at ALBERTO Golf are firmly convinced of this. For the 2022 summer season, the Mönchengladbach-based company has once again completely reinvented pants on the green – with sensational results. What highlights can golf course aficionados look forward to? Here is an overview.


ALBERTO Golf Winter 2021

Stay on Course

Love your golf course – even when it’s chilly outside. To make sure your rounds on the green a pure fun even in the rough fall weather, ALBERTO Golf, for its pants, once again bets on an innovative combination of ultra-modern tech materials, smart functional features and fashionable details. Let’s preview the 2021 Fall/Winter styles right now!


Alberto Golf Summer 2021

On top of the game!

New patterns, new colour, new styles and new functions. There’s one thing we can promise you right now: ALBERTO Golf’s 2021 season will be pretty cool, even when the weather’s sizzling. So what trends are going to score high on the fashion leader board? Here is our overview of the highlights and details.


Alberto Golf Winter 2020

Weather proof on the winter green

Ready to complete an 18-hole-round while temperatures remain below freezing? In a pair of ALBERTO Golf pants you’ll beat the challenge with complete ease. The winter season 2020 collection is not only a winner because of its innovative tech materials and progressive details, but also pleases the eyes with refined prints and subtle colour variations. Once again, it offers a lot of fashion hits. To learn more about the new models making their mark on the course now, check out our overview of the latest trends and essentials.


Alberto Golf Summer 2020

Summer Greens

Fine pattern and colour combinations, exciting details and smart tech qualities - ALBERTO Golf doesn't just bring lots of style and function to the green for the 2020 golf season, but also a high degree of trendy finesse. Find out what styles golf enthusiasts can expect next summer here.


ALBERTO Golf Summer 2019

Fresh Colours for the Course

Progressive tech qualities, perfect cuts and a keen eye for functional intricate solutions. Paired with enthralling patterns and decidedly rich facets of colours - ALBERTO Golf’s shorts and pants for the 2019 Summer Collection meet every expectation. So, is there anything else golf enthusiasts can look forward to? Find out below.


Alberto Golf Winter 2018

Keen on the green in winter

Want to enjoy sizzling rounds of golf on frosty winter days without compromising on style? No problem with the new ALBERTO Golf collection. For the 2018 winter season, the Mönchengladbach-based pants specialists will be presenting a range of pants that score points with progressive high-tech functions and dynamic tailoring as well as tasteful colourways and elegant pattern effects. Curious? Here is an overview of the highlights.


ALBERTO Golf Summer 2018

Colourful Green

Casual shorts in colours that pop and pants you want to wear in extravagant all-over patterns – ALBERTO Golf ushers in the Summer 2018 Court Season with a great affinity for colours on the one hand and a refined blend of high tech materials, perfect performance fits and complex detail on the other hand. Moreover, the new products are also highly functional. So what else do the pants experts from Mönchengladbach have in store for golf enthusiasts? Below we will give you an overview of the collection’s highlights.


ALBERTO Golf Winter 2017

Green revolution

Court sessions in winter? Not a problem with fashion from ALBERTO Golf and ALBERTO Golfwoman. Next season’s collections feature not only progressive high-tech materials and elegant cuts, but also a stylish fusion of muted colors and modern prints. What else can you look forward to? Here is an overview of the highlights.


ALBERTO Golf / ALBERTO Golfwoman Summer 2017

Colour on the green

Loud colours, creative play with patterns, functional detail and refined high-tech materials – thanks to ALBERTO Golf and ALBERTO Golf Woman it’s not just going to be stylish on the greens for the upcoming golfing season, it’s going to be highly functional as well. Once again the golf wear specialists from Mönchengladbach have distinctive designs for golfing enthusiasts at the ready. Their top quality naturally goes without saying! By quality the manufacturers not only mean using top-grade fabrics and yarns, outstanding workmanship and perfect fit. What ALBERTO particularly means by quality is the environmental compliance of their pants with respect to pollutants and production processes and conditions. This is confirmed by the official “Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification” in all areas.


ALBERTO Golfwoman Winter Collection 2016

Coloured green!

Colourless on the course? Never again, thanks to ALBERTO Golfwoman. The styles in the Winter 2016 collection combine classically subdued greens, greys and blues with vivid pink and elegant Radiant Orchid, besides featuring elegant jacquard, paisley, floral and minimalistic all-over prints in fresh, trendy variations. And because golf fashion from ALBERTO simply wouldn’t live up to its name without sophisticated functional engineering, the Mönchengladbach-based pants label uses intelligent high-tech materials and perfectly cut designs for wonderful wearer comfort in all weathers. File under: stylish favourites for the well-kept green.


ALBERTO Golf Winter Collection 2016

Winter on the green

Thanks to the functional high-tech golfwear revolution, long tee shots, skilful pitch shots and clever putts have long since ceased to be a problem, even in winter. Pants from ALBERTO Golf have made a significant contribution to this development and will be going one better in the coming winter season. Find out here what golf enthusiasts can look forward to next.


SignatureGolf by ALBERTO makes a unique statement

It’s all personal now

Golfers are individualistic. Always on the lookout for the perfect course, the perfect swing, the perfect hit, the perfect round. Also for the perfect equipment that makes all this possible. And the latter is available with ALBERTO Golf. But for the self-confessed ALBERTO fans Ian Watkins, Hartwig Habermann and Sven Schoppe, the search took them further. Regardless of whether they thought of a shirt, pullover or pair trousers; whether it was a breathing fabric, water and wind resistant or climate regulating; be it grass green, candy pink or canary yellow or whether it was checked, striped or dotted, they got it all in their ALBERTO outfits, but these passionate golfers wanted something more. Individuality, personality. Something that would be the best way to create that unique outfit to suit Watkins, Habermann and Schoppe. This led to two of the three friends offering innovation and individuality with the ALBERTO Golfwear under on name SignatureGolf and its webshop www.signaturegolf.de. They print personal messages and/or names in a range of colours on the outfits. The clubs can also be laser engraved with a personalised signature.


ALBERTO presents Cosy Pants for the golf course

Jogg‘ the Course

Just to get things clear from the start: the coming spring isn't going to see the launch of a trendy new sport where you have to run around the green. No, we're talking about a very traditional and - particularly in golf - abiding commitment to style! After all, outstanding sportswear is always a perfect combination of function, quality, fit and hot catwalk looks. The same is true of the ALBERTO label, which is now bringing the trend for luxury jogging pants to the golf course under the name Cosy Pants. What does this mean? Well, along with high-tech performance, it means modern, casual yet stylish dressiness and - even more importantly - endless comfort with absolute freedom of movement.


ALBERTO presents Cosy Pants for the golf course

Jogg‘ the Course

Just to get things clear from the start: the coming spring isn't going to see the launch of a trendy new sport where you have to run around the green. No, we're talking about a very traditional and - particularly in golf - abiding commitment to style! After all, outstanding sportswear is always a perfect combination of function, quality, fit and hot catwalk looks. The same is true of the ALBERTO label, which is now bringing the trend for luxury jogging pants to the golf course under the name Cosy Pants. What does this mean? Well, along with high-tech performance, it means modern, casual yet stylish dressiness and - even more importantly - endless comfort with absolute freedom of movement.


Trendspotting Spring/Summer 2016

Green for go at ALBERTO Golf

Spring has sprung on the fairway! And it's anything but a gentle blossoming. On the contrary: strawberry red, mango yellow, grass green, all kinds of blue - the ultimate It colours - and wild prints flamboyantly herald the start of the new golf season. And that's just the way it should be! After all, the new trends from ALBERTO Golf should definitely not be missed. The golf pants label once again shows off its inimitable flair for fusing fashion and function. With their superb quality and flawless fit, these pants will again become indispensable fan accessories during this round of sporting fun.


Keep in mind!

Alberto Golfwoman: the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2016

Golf fashion shouldn't just perform well, it should also make its wearer look good. A maxim that ALBERTO Golfwoman lives up to every season in its collections. The styles presented for the current Spring/Summer season are once again an attractive mixture of innovative, functional performance, the latest design trends and first-class tailoring. They are also impressive proof that ALBERTO Golfwoman offers absolutely everything the wearer needs to draw all eyes on the green, apart from a good game.


It’s Tee Time, Darling!

Craft meets art: during the Fall/Winter season 2015/2016, ALBERTO Golfwoman will again be sending any number of sophisticated beauties onto the green. The golfwear label brings black and white together in harmonious contrast, sometimes in gentle encounters, other times in explosive rendezvous. The Mönchengladbach-based pants tailors also pay tribute to the glorious colors of fall with various opulent shades. Vivid jewel colors such as emerald, ruby, sapphire and amber shine out from vibrant allover prints, creating a look that stimulates all the senses. As always, ALBERTO's golf fashion is not only a festival of shapes and colors, but also and above all one of functions. This is where the collection is in a class of its own: intelligent high-tech materials defy wind and weather and are used to make functional, lastingly attractive favorites which will accompany their wearer for a long, long time.


By experts for connoisseurs

Good design has to stand up to inspection from all angles. True to this principle, ALBERTO Golf has developed a small, truly exquisite collection for the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 that anticipates the signs of the times and is an exemplary symbiosis of craft, material expertise and design. After the years of fashionably bright colours, ALBERTO - with a few exceptions - is now focusing on muted classics and an air of relaxation. This is good, because the new golf pants speak for themselves with outstanding quality, innovative materials and numerous well thought out, carefully realised details.


Alberto Golfwoman

Collection report
S/S 2015


It’s time! Alberto Golfwoman presents the head-turners for Spring/Summer season 2015


Alberto Golf

Collection report
S/S 2015

Let’s have it!!


Alberto Golf

Collection report
AW 2014/2015

Functional trend fits for winter

ALBERTO Golfwear reaches new heights

When the green turns white with frost and snow, many golfers take time out because the weather is too bad for play. This isn’t necessary. At least, not with the right clothing. To be more precise: with golf wear from ALBERTO. Long since known for the standards set by its collections, the textile innovators from Mönchengladbach again pull out all the stops for the Fall/Winter collection 2014/2015. The result is a stylish golf line which defies wind and weather and keeps the wearer warm and flexible even in the bitterest winter temperatures.


Alberto Golfwoman

Collection report
AW 2014/2015

Incomparably trendy, uncompromisingly functional

Alberto Golfwoman presents winter golf essentials for women

ALBERTO’s Golfwoman collection has achieved something which many people can only dream of: top performance at the very first tee-off. Word has got around quickly among ambitious lady golfers that, as men have already known for a long time, ALBERTO stands for premium sportswear which skilfully combines golf, fashion and lifestyle, thus eliminating the dividing line between functional golf wear and fashionable leisure clothing. The Möchengladbach fashion label’s success concept can be summed up in just a few words – absolute determination to be perfect. This is again evident in the new collection for the Fall/Winter season 2014/2015, in which vivid colors meet classic styles. From trendy checks to metallic looks, ALBERTO has everything a woman could want. However, it’s not just the colors of the Golfwoman collection that defy the weather. Windproof, water-repellent and thermal features are guaranteed not to leave women out in the cold and make sure they can keep warm in style.



Collection Report
SS 2014

A day at the golf course is like food for the soul: moving in fresh air not only trains the body, but also improves the mood. The ideal outfit for the golfing day needs to be functional and chic-looking. Alberto Golfwoman combines the two and offers an exciting collection for the Spring/Summer season, which impresses outside of the greens as well. Even as colours, dotted patterns and even the classic houndstooth have made their mark, it goes without saying that the functionality of the shirts and trousers does not lag behind the fashion achievements. The materials continue to fight wind and weather and enable optimum wear comfort with their stretchability, while retaining unrestricted freedom of movement. A perfect interplay of fashion and functionality.


Alberto Golf

Collection Report
SS 2014

Winston Churchill didn’t think much of golf: “Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an ever smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose.” Nevertheless, an increasing number of golfers are doing just that. The green sport moves all who like fresh air, enjoy nature and want to learn concentration and train in these surroundings. Those who enjoy the course, train the body and finds peace, balance and relaxation at the same time. Alberto Golf is designed to provide the right look for this great game. The sportswear label -- well-known for highly functional and trendy outfits – has designed innovative outfits with a healthy dose of passion and that go-getter spirit for the Spring/Summer season 2014.


Cool sport: golfing in winter

Ready to face the wintry weather with Alberto Golf

Golf isn’t a winter sport? Nonsense! A lot of golfers carry on training and playing throughout the winter months. In recent years, golf courses have started offering a lot of services which have turned golfing into a year-round sport. Many golf clubs offer attractive opportunities with which golfers can defy rain and snow and swing their putters and irons even in the freezing cold. What’s more, walking from hole to hole in the fresh air strengthens the immune system and trains the body, concentration and coordination. However, players who are undeterred by cold temperatures must make sure they have the right equipment and wear protective functional clothing which doesn’t restrict their movement.


Play smart

The sportswear line for women: ALBERTO Golf-woman

When a brand is developed and launched with as much expertise and enthusiasm as Alberto Golfwoman, there is every chance of it being a resounding success. Out on the greens since Spring/Summer 2013, Alberto Golfwoman has conquered women’s hearts in a very short time. This premium sportswear label erases the dividing line between fashionable leisure wear and functional golf clothing, uniting fashion, lifestyle and of course golf in one collection. The result is versatile clothing which can be worn both in the city and on the golf course, and which attracts attention by the way in which it combines func-tionality and fashion. The current Fall/Winter collection 2013/2014 will be available in the online shop (albertoshop.de) and more than 383 stores from July.


Golf loves fashion

Alberto launches ALBERTO Golfwoman, a sports line just for women

A sporty look with exciting colors and enviable wearer comfort: that’s ALBERTO Golfwoman. The new casual line from Alberto, the specialist in perfect fits and trendy designs, features fashion for the golf course and the city. In January the waiting will be over: the first ALBERTO Golfwoman collection with the looks for Spring/Summer 2013 will reach the shops. This new line complements the menswear collection ALBERTO Golf successfully launched by the Mönchengladbach-based fashion company back in 2004. This collection for active women comprises eight exciting fashion styles and 45 collection pieces including pants, tops and matching accessories. Trendy shades bring color to the golf course: basic and sorbet hues, vivid colors and neon shades make a clear fashion statement. ALBERTO Golfwoman closes a gap in the women’s outer clothing and sports market. The demand for innovative golf fashion for women is booming. And with it the need for individual leisure looks and up-to-date performance wear.


Spring/Summer collection 2013

Perfect companion in all weathers: the latest golf pants “Two in One” from ALBERTO Golf

People should feel comfortable in their sports clothing. For the sportswear label ALBERTO Golf, it is therefore essential that all pants, shirts and knitted garments sit perfectly, are made of soft fabrics, have helpful functions and guarantee optimum comfort thanks to innovative textile technologies. And all this without compromising on style. After all, this brand comes from the fashion company Alberto, which can now look back on 90 years of fashion experience. The label shows off its expertise with highly functional fabrics in the 2013 Spring/Summer collection, for example with the launch of its “Two in One” pants. These models reflect harmful UV radiation, thus preventing the fabric from heating up in the sun; the water-repellant nano coating also stops this clothing from becoming soaked through. This combination of sun and rain protection in one garment is essential not only in European climes but also on trips to popular golf destinations such as South Africa, Mauritius and the USA.


Alberto Golf at Golf Europe in Augsburg

Outstanding women`s debut and functional fashion at Golf Europe

ALBERTO will be presenting its innovative golf fashion at the next Golf Europe exhibition (September 16 to 18, 2012, Augsburg exhibition center). ALBERTO’s stand will be a real visitor magnet at the golf industry\'s leading trade fair. What\'s more, the label has a big surprise up its sleeve: along with Alberto Golf for men, the outfitters will be presenting its first ever fashion line for women - Alberto Golfwoman. That means the collection can now guarantee fashion and function for sporty, fashion-conscious women golfers. It will be possible to order Alberto Golfwoman and Alberto Golf at the trade fair. A successful test run of the women\'s collection at Engelhorn Sports, Mannheim, in recent months means that ALBERTO is anticipating a storm of visitors to its stand and interesting revenues in the shops.


Don’t let bad weather keep you trapped indoors!

Rain&WindFighter from Alberto Golf defies the bad weather

The Lower Rhein specialists in golf clothing are introducing a new pants model to the market this Fall/Winter 2012/2013 season: the Rain&WindFighter. The name of the new pants from Alberto Golf says it all: the pants are lined with a high-tech membrane making them completely wind-resistant and waterproof as well as optimally breathable. Two additional well-designed features guarantee perfect protection and comfort from inclement weather. Firstly, the front pockets are lined with terrycloth to keep your hands dry. Secondly, the back pockets can be zippered shut to keep your scorecard protected from getting wet. Gone are the days of freezing in damp clothes and longing for the end of the game.



Collection Report Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Real men don’t just play golf to pass the time, they storm the green with a will to win. That means they expect the best from themselves, the course, their equipment – and of course their golf clothing. With ALBERTO Golf, perfectionists can wear exactly what they need – reliable practicality in its most attractive form. ALBERTO Golf clothing is in keeping with the character of the sport: the interaction of nature and technology is realized in fabric with the motto “Form follows function”. This first-class combination of trendy styles, perfect fit and useful details creates pants for pros.