Collection Report S/S 2015

We’re keeping everything fresh and new!

Regardless of whether your preferred style is clean, smart, rough or destroyed – the Alberto Spring/Summer Collection 2015 definitely combines all of the facet of modern pants culture in its line. Besides elegant classic styles or luxurious premium business jeans, we’re launching relaxed casual slacks and robust denims. The virtuously playful stylish bandwidth presented by the Mönchengladbach-based pant creators ranges from sporty-minimalistic to strictly traditional with Glencheck patterns. Obviously, technically well-versed functional fibres are just as much part of the fashionable repertoire as are refined washing techniques and clever colour or material modifications. One thing is certain: Alberto is and will remain THE go-to brand for pants.

Smart Cotton

Smart Cotton is the premiere choice for casual Friday and beyond. While in the past, Alberto may have preferred to stay in the transition zone between formal and casual in this segment, the brand’s 2015 Spring/Summer line is the first to make room for more expansive experiments in terms of cuts, materials and enhancements. The results are compelling. The slacks, Bermuda and 5-pocket styles offer everything from clean to vintage, to fabric dyed stripes and hounds tooth patterns; even clever mini hounds tooth designs, shepherd’s check or floral camouflage designs. Pure cotton, linen and Ceramica, as well as blends of cotton/spandex or Ceramica/satin keep things interesting as far as the fabric choices are concerned, while the hues range from greys to blue and pale beige to anthracite with green undertones and bright pigment dyes. The interplays of colours and colour blocking tend to be more understated. Once again, the brand places a special focus on garment dyed PPT-Chinos with novel smart-casual accessorizing in a broad spectrum of colour choices, including copper, brass and steel blue. An absolute collection highlight is the “House” model – a luxurious re-interpretation of the draw-string pant, which does not only offer popular features such as zippered pockets or back pockets, but also comes in an exciting slim cut.


Fashion enthusiasts can also look forward to enthralling changes in the Alberto “Denim” segment: while the design focus was exclusively clean and classy until the most recent season, the coming summer offerings will still remain consistently elegant, but will definitely include a wealth of stylistic and technical crossover jeans looks. The bandwidth of innovations is mind-boggling. It comprises everything from luxury denims with T400 stretch fibre content, understated scrapings and luxurious washing techniques to foam coated concept denims with contract dyed interiors to heavy 11 oz. heritage denims in traditional washes and last, but certainly not least: laser jeans in slack as well as 5-pocket looks. Moreover, an entire series of black jeans is dedicated to the black-on-black coating theme. They boast black knee pads or black stripes as embellishments. However, Alberto has also ventured into the radical destroyed look for the very first time. This edition, which comprises eight different styles, presents itself in extremely bleached and washed out variations. The holes have been mended with check fabric. The colour spectrum of the entire collection moves from beige to black and into a variety of blue and grey hues and even into copper and sand. To get that perfect summer feeling, the line also includes light summer denims boasting digital beach prints turned into saddle or bag pouches.


The fabrics: premium quality. Cuts: simply smart and the love of detail is clearly evident. The look: unrivalled. With its Spring/Summer 2015 “Dressy” program, Alberto is presenting a pants line that appreciates the formal but does not shy away from playing with colours and patterns. Intricate stripes encounter traditional Glenchecks in retro colours and tone-in-tone checks in luxurious deep blue. The absolute highlight is an eye-catching Ceramica version of the brand new “House” model, which has been finished in a lustrous mohair look in simple silver grey, anthracite, black or marine.

Premium Business Jeans

Just one season ago, Alberto debuted its premium line. Nevertheless, the luxurious business jeans have already established themselves as a permanent fixture in the collection. The second edition proves yet again that the final word in denim finishing is yet to be spoken. With carefully chosen fabric qualities and a total of twelve different washing techniques, Alberto is betting on refined diversity, lined waistlines and lined pant saddles to ensure a consistently comfortable fit. Besides a light blue, raw and stone-washed style as well as two luxury models with T400 stretch fibre content in blue/blue and blue/black hues, one each rinsed washed and a lightweight, robustly laundered 7 oz. silk denim (silk content 33%) will be launched for the summer season.

The ALBERTO Label is steeped in tradition. Since 1922, the brand has been specializing in one thing: the production of pants – men’s pants to be exact. Ever since its inception the company has been delivering proof of what it takes to create premium contemporary fashion: the experience of multiple generations of perfect craftsmanship combined with technological innovation and a powerful instinct for trends. Also: carefully selected material and unique attention to every detail. In short: a creative process, which is reflected in the unrivalled charisma of the pants from the start. That’s all it takes – and not one iota less than that.
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