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ALBERTO goes Metaverse

Unconventional, driven by innovation and always one step ahead: these qualities are just as true for ALBERTO’s pants as they are for the company as such. More evidence of that can be found on the digital online store the enterprise just launched on the Metaverse. Besides creating a new shopping experience for its customers that eliminates geographic and physical barriers while it makes truly genuine pants available, the pants label from Mönchengladbach is focused on one primary objective: bringing to life community spanning experiences paired with creative freedom.

All shoppers have to do is access https://play.qs-metaworlds.com/ with their browser, choose an Avatar and they are ready to enter the digital ALBERTO online store. Once there, they can study the pants, which are shown in three dimensional visuals from all perspectives and at their leisure. They can purchase anything they like by clicking on the item and putting it into their shopping carts. This makes it possible to for the first time ever purchase products worldwide using any type of payment system and without leaving Metaverse. Subsequently, the pants are delivered to their buyers’ homes in record time. This option, which is currently being launched as the third shopping platform besides brick and mortar and digital stores, will originally be used as an inspiring playground for consumers. Moreover, ALBERTO is, however, also hoping to generate new impulses for future contacts that will make it possible to reach out to the shoppers’ senses even more effectively in the digital world.

Nevertheless, the current version of ALBERTO Metaverse is only a first step. “In our eyes, this is an enthralling world that we can still shape and that we will have to explore further,” explains Marco Lanowy, the Managing Director of ALBERTO. “It is our vision to create a place that brings together the physical and virtual world in real time. It’s a place where we create something, but most importantly one where we can interact, unfetter creativity and can push the limits. In the very near future the fabric from which a pair of Alberto pants is woven, no longer has to be just a material. It may also be composed of bits and bytes, since we are also planning to introduce NFTs used to dress the Avatars, who represent us in the Metaverse. The same is true for virtual office premises where one can get together with the ALBERTO team for meetings or training sessions.”

To develop its Metaverse version, ALBERTO has once again joined forces with the DePauli AG, the pioneer of fashion E commerce in Germany. This company is also in charge of the pant manufacturer’s online store. “I am very much looking forward to the joint groundbreaking work we will do with Renata DePauli and her team. I am also excited to be part of the development of the Internet’s next evaluation stage,” observes Marco Lanowy. “The experts actually claim that by 2030, a large majority of people will be active in the Metaverse in some way. However, it is a definitive fact that we with our ALBERTO Metaverse are still in the very early stages right now. Despite the enormous speed of our progress, we still have a lot of work to do.” However, in the 100 years the pants specialist has been in business, this has – and everyone knows it – never kept the company from mastering gigantic projects.


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ALBERTO considers itself a pants label in motion, characterized by culture, developed for active people. People who consider quality, comfort and freedom important priorities. People in search of relevancy who find their own style. Established around 100 years ago with the objective of evolving into a dynamic, innovative presence in the international world of fashion, while always setting new standards, the brand has steadfastly held on to its founding ethos. Contemporary artisan values and design attest to that just as much as the company’s own Concept Store or the utilization of intelligent, voice-controlled interaction systems. A once small pants tailor shop has evolved into a wide range of collections – including those for urban bikers. It is a brand that has made it its goal to anticipate the needs of its customers and to combine them into an inspiring lifestyle concept that will stand the test of time beyond all trends and fads.

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