ALBERTO and Thomas Hoeffgen snag a joint Bronze at the IPA


The International Photography Awards are globally regarded as one of the most ambitious and comprehensive photography competitions of our time. This year, photographer Thomas Hoeffgen and ALBERTO showed how to win the coveted award: In the category "Professional Advertising, Fashion", the long-standing team won a resounding third place.

2023 International Photography Award in Bronze goes to the project' "ALBERTO - 100 YEARS OF PANTS". The award represents more than just a great honour for Thomas Hoeffgen and ALBERTO. It is in fact an affirmation of their tireless efforts to find the most beautiful locations in Germany. "For us at ALBERTO, #coolgermany is both a guiding principle and a promise. Because we see it as our ecological obligation not to fly halfway around the globe for our shoots," explains Marco Lanowy, Managing Director of ALBERTO.

In keeping with this principle, the partner team has been searching within Germany's borders from north to south and east to west for the most interesting settings for the current collection for over ten years now. And they have succeeded quite impressively, time and again discovering those hidden locations that have become the captivating backdrop to the last 20 ALBERTO shoots. These German locations, with their constant diversity and sensational charisma, are key to the narrative and visual appeal of ALBERTO's campaigns. Likewise model Greg Kheel, the ALBERTO pants and above all, of course, the unique flair and outstanding skill of Thomas Hoeffgen.

he recognition that the IPA has bestowed on me and ALBERTO with this latest award means a lot to Thomas Hoeffgen. Not least because, from his creative point of view, engaging in photography for brands and advertising, where resources and time are scarce commodities, is always a challenge. But a challenge he naturally relishes and, regardless of any constraints and the most adverse conditions on location, he strives to keep discovering new angles and producing that captivating content that is a testament to his distinctive style.

"As much as I'm personally flattered by this latest award, this success is also first and foremost the overall achievement of what has become a very family-like team where everyone, without exception, works together with immense fervour to create something truly extraordinary, and often the impossible, each and every time." emphasises Thomas Hoeffgen. Marco Lanowy, who conceptually contributes to every shoot despite his tight schedule and is always personally on location for the entire period, puts it similarly. "I consider myself lucky to work with great people. That goes for our team as well as for our hosts at the respective shoot: they're always incredibly nice people who make us feel warmly welcome throughout. Another facet of #coolgermany, I think."

IPA: photoawards.com
Photos: thomashoeffgen.com

ALBERTO regards itself as a culturally influenced pants label on the move, developed for people on the move. People who value quality, comfort and freedom, people who seek relevance while finding style. Founded around 100 years ago with the goal of becoming a dynamic, innovative presence in the international fashion world while constantly setting new standards, the brand has remained true to its founding ethos to this day. Contemporary craftsmanship values and design bear witness to this, as does the company's own concept store or the use of intelligent, voice-controlled interaction systems. What began as a small pants manufacturer has long since been incorporated into collections – for urban cyclists, for example. This brand has set itself the goal of anticipating the needs of its customers and combining them into an inspiring lifestyle concept that's also relevant beyond all trends.
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